X-Factor Medical is a fast growing specialized pharmaceutical organization that takes the responsibility of marketing a wide selection of high quality dedicated in-licensed international cosmoceutics and medical devices We dedicate ourselves to delivering new philosophy in science by caring and improving the well being of the society through empathetic result oriented and committed individuals

Our Vision

To be a leading Corporate among pharmaceutical and health care service providers using a new philosophy in selecting and formulating the products to feel caring and curing by all our customers keeping a high standard of Performance and Ethics that have always been our focus to the way we operate

Our Mission

Our People in X-Factor have always sought to reconcile perfect effectiveness and better tolerance for each and every customer with different conditions who access our innovative products and medicines and in order to guarantee the greatest satisfaction level for our customers we commit ourselves to work hard to bring the European quality standard products and technology to our eastern culture

Dr.Wael Hafez

Chairman, Globe, X-Factor Group.

Date of Birth: 1975
Nationality: Egyptian

Dr. Wael Hafez is the heart and soul behind Globe Group. He built every company with integrity, fairness and customer first philosophy. With passion for success, he built this successful cluster of companies from scratch. Dr. Wael had one dream, to develop innovation that enriched people’s lives in every way. His vision was to improve the well-being of societies, cure diseases and be a source of positive impact. He gave back to his community with generosity, high quality products, that directly lead to significant improvement in quality of life. His legacy, wisdom, and teachings live in the hearts of all who are lucky enough to learn from him.

In 2012, Dr. Wael Hafez created Globe pharmaceutical company through introducing a wide range of quality and affordable generic medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across Egypt.

In 2014, Dr. Wael Hafez continued his mission instead of success by building on the strong heritage of Globe Group and created X-Factor Medical, a health care manufacturing and distribution plant.

Our Partners

Newmedical Technology is our American global partner for NewGel scar management.

Newmedical Technology is a global leader in aesthetics & wound care.

Founded in 2003 in Northbrook, Illinois, USA.

Newmedical Technology is committed to continual improvement and innovation of products through R & D as well as ongoing collaboration with medical professionals and patients.

All Newmedical products are made in the U.S.A. at our FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO certified manufacturing facility.

ICB Pharma is our Polish partner for Nitolic (anti lice treatment & prevention).

The foundation of ICB Pharma was laid by a distinguished chemist, nominated twice to the Nobel Prize, Prof. Wojciech Świętosławski, in 1928-1929 and inter alia, the creator of the Physical Chemistry

ICB Pharma’s activity perfectly fits into the development trends in practical chemistry and biology. That is why the manufactured products are appreciated and in common usage worldwide.

ICB Pharma is famous for excellent and safe solutions in pediculosis treatment or neutralizing the allergenic factors.

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